Aaron Rodgers Threw For Six Touchdowns, But It Was A.J. Hawk's…

The NFL's ongoing effort to combat breast cancer by wearing colorful clothing continues, and Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk was happy to take part in repping the pink during last night's 42-24 dominance by Green Bay in Houston, and, wow, that score's not just a palindrome but the number two paired with the square of… » 10/15/12 9:00am 10/15/12 9:00am

A.J. Hawk Shoves Guy Into Lake During Pickup Football Game

A number of Buckeye alums in the NFL, including A.J. Hawk, Troy Smith, Doug Datish and Bobby Carpenter, took part in a charity golf tournament over the weekend. The event, in Warren, Ohio, raised money for a group providing after-school programs for at-risk youth, so that's great. Even better was an impromptu game… » 6/27/12 11:25am 6/27/12 11:25am

A.J. Hawk's Middle Finger To His Sideline Was An Inside Joke That No…

After Packers linebacker AJ Hawk flipped off his own sideline in Sunday's game against the Rams, he said it was a running joke with a couple of his teammates. Thing is, none of his teammates has come forward to admit any familiarity with this running joke. » 10/17/11 6:15pm 10/17/11 6:15pm

A.J. Hawk Has A Message For All Y'all Out There Watching The…

This photograph comes from tipster "imakeholesinu" who describes the setting as, "Here we go, sac bradford and fly the bird! Go pack go!" Taking a shot at translation, what imakeholesinu was saying was "Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk had just sacked Rams quarterback Sam Bradford and proceeded to give the world the… » 10/16/11 2:05pm 10/16/11 2:05pm

Watch LeBron Throw The Ball Right In Chris Bosh's Face, Blow A 24-Point…

Your morning roundup for March 4, the day Northwestern students remain engaged in the idea of human sexuality. » 3/04/11 9:30am 3/04/11 9:30am

AJ Hawk Has Brady Quinn's Back

Last week, we published some rather unusual photos of new Browns quarterback Brady Quinn and the wedding of his sister and Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk. Well, Hawk spoke this weekend about the photos and he isn't too happy. » 5/21/07 3:00pm 5/21/07 3:00pm

Brady Quinn, Always With The Hetero Photos

Last March, Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk married Laura Quinn, whom you might remember as the double-jerseyed sister of new Browns quarterback Brady Quinn. » 5/16/07 4:15pm 5/16/07 4:15pm

AJ Hawk Is A Moral Man

As a followup to our AJ Hawk/Laura Quinn/shotgun wedding post from yesterday, we look to the Dayton Daily News, which gives us the full report on why AJ Hawk, rather than go through with the planned wedding in March, got married in his lawyer's office while wearing his Under Armour gear. (Seriously.) » 7/26/06 11:30am 7/26/06 11:30am

A.J Hawk's Shotgunnish Wedding?

If you were trying to book a wedding next March in Columbus, Ohio, over the last few months — not that anybody we know might have been — one of the primo spots in town was booked for a huge, lavish wedding between former Ohio State Buckeyes and current Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk and Laura Quinn, the sister… » 7/25/06 3:00pm 7/25/06 3:00pm

Another Ugly White Man In Wisconsin...

Said Mark Schlereth of the D'Brickashaw Ferguson pick, "You show me a team with a great left tackle, and I'll show you a team who can compete, year-in, year-out." I hate to quibble, but... Baltimore Ravens? » 4/29/06 1:59pm 4/29/06 1:59pm

Keeping The Fiesta Bowl In Your Heart

For those of you who have been spending the last three weeks depressed about the lack of AJ Hawk/Brady Quinn/Laura
excitement, here's a sign from that famous Fiesta Bowl game we found particularly amusing. Little blast from the past on a slow sports day. » 1/24/06 4:10pm 1/24/06 4:10pm

Laura Quinn Gives Us A Fiesta Of Pain

Thoughts while watching about three hundred shots of Brady Quinn's sister, Laura, during the Fiesta Bowl last night:

1. We kind of miss that TV show, Xena, Warrior Princess.

2. We thought A.J. Hawk was some sort of famous skateboarder. Apparently we're confused.

3. Brent Musberger is still alive? Wow.

You… » 1/03/06 11:00am 1/03/06 11:00am