What Happens When A Soccer Team Finds Out It Has Super Ugly New Uniforms

Fucking with people is funny all on its own—like here with this sure-it's-an-ad-but-whatever video showing terrible new kits to the Ajax squad—but there's something extra that happens when you mess with the young, rich and powerful. You find out that, you know, you can't really fuck with professional athletes. »6/03/14 10:40am6/03/14 10:40am

Ajax Beat Barcelona To Keep Their Champions League Hopes Alive

Netherlands side Ajax hosted Spanish giants FC Barcelona today in a must-win match to keep their hopes of qualifying for the Champions League knockout stage alive. AC Milan, ahead of Ajax by a single point, thumped Celtic by three goals in Group H's other match today, which meant that a loss would eliminate them from… »11/26/13 5:46pm11/26/13 5:46pm

20,000 Screaming Children Watch A Soccer Match

The last time AZ Alkmaar came to town, an Ajax fan attacked their keeper. AZ was pulled off the field, and the Dutch FA later declared the game a wash. Today was the replay, but due to the Netherlands' — and specifically's Ajax's — problems with ultras, the match was supposed to be played in an empty arena. Instead, a… »1/19/12 3:30pm1/19/12 3:30pm