Chris "Mad Dog" Russo Gently Sassed Mike Francesa On Twitter Tonight

Recall the video up there, from a broadcast during the Yankees-Tigers division series in 2011. A caller asked WFAN's Mike Francesa—who was awake at the time—what he thought of Tigers reliever Al Alburquerque. Francesa insisted that the caller had made up a pitcher, whose name, if the joke were done properly, Mike… »10/24/12 10:23pm10/24/12 10:23pm


Caller Wants To Discuss Tigers Pitcher, Mike Francesa Hangs Up On Him Because He Doesn't Believe That Pitcher Exists

Dave in Red Bank had some thoughts on Detroit reliver Al Alburquerque, who's gotten knocked around in the ALDS and also happens to have a funny name. (I'm unable to not think of this every time.) But noted sports talk radio caricature Mike Francesa decides that someone's having a laugh at his expense, that there… »10/06/11 10:55am10/06/11 10:55am

Hey, Baseball, You Should Be Terrified Of The Tigers Bullpen

Terror, terror! Everybody's made a big stink about how terrifying Detroit's ace, Justin Verlander, is. We, of course, agree: nine strikeouts, two walks, and six hits per nine is plenty terrifying. And everyone's made a similar stink about how un-terrifying Detroit's other starters—Doug Fister, Max Scherzer, and Rick… »9/30/11 3:00pm9/30/11 3:00pm