Mark Davis Travels 500 Fucking Miles To Look Like That!

Probably no haircut in human history has communicated as devastating a summation of its owner’s entire life as the insane orange Moe Howard bowl cut sported by Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis. Carve the shape of it into the wall of his father Al Davis’s mausoleum and it will tell a richer and truer story of heredity… »10/01/15 12:32pm10/01/15 12:32pm


Oakland Fired Its P.R. Man Because Mark Davis Is His Father's Son

The Oakland Raiders fired their P.R. director, Zak Gilbert, Saturday because team owner Mark Davis did not like an article in Sports Illustrated that recapped Oakland's fourth 4-12 finish in the past 10 years. Davis felt the article reflected poorly on the way he and his late father ran the team and presumably Gilbert… »6/02/13 3:45pm6/02/13 3:45pm

Al Davis Would Have Coached At Penn State If The Weather Weren't So Bad

When Al Davis died last year, he left the most mixed of NFL legacies. He did so much for minorities and his players. But he also he also ran his team into the ground for two decades while hopping along the California coast in search of stadium renovations. He gave us John Madden. But he also gave us Lane Kiffin.… »10/23/12 1:40pm10/23/12 1:40pm

Mike Shanahan Once Ordered Elvis Grbac To Drill Al Davis In The Head With A Pass

Al Davis had plenty of respect within the NFL power structure, as we learned this weekend. Those of us who knew him only as a craggy-faced Jamarcus-loving iconoclast now know of him as something better than that, a powerfully transformative figure. But he still had enemies. Among them: onetime Raiders head coach—now… »10/10/11 5:00pm10/10/11 5:00pm