A Horrific Injury To The Hurricanes' Malcolm Lewis Prompted A Surprisingly Tender, Touching College Football Moment

Sometimes the worst injuries don't result in any broken bones. That was certainly the case yesterday, when early in the Hurricanes' game against Georgia Tech Miami receiver Malcolm Lewis fell victim to a twisting tackle that left his foot turned 180 degrees in the wrong direction. »9/23/12 12:05pm9/23/12 12:05pm

Two Fellows Very Surprised By The Miami Allegations: Luke Campbell And Al Golden

Nevin Shapiro, even behind bars, takes pride in the fact that Miami players referred to him as "Little Luke." Not because he so horny, but because he so generous with his money when it came to taking care of the Hurricanes. Naturally, the first place we look to for reaction this morning is to Big Luke. »8/17/11 12:40pm8/17/11 12:40pm