Fat Guy Lacrosse Goalie Buzzer-Beater Goal!

We don’t follow much lacrosse around here, so we’re not totally certain if this is a weird thing or not. But here’s girthy Albany goalie Blaze Riorden going coast to coast to beat the third quarter buzzer in the opening round of the NCAA tournament against Cornell. The announcers certainly thought it was impressive! »5/09/15 2:12pm5/09/15 2:12pm


Albany Advances To NCAA Tournament On Last Second Three

For the most prestigious college conferences, the two teams playing in the conference final are likely both advancing to the NCAA tournament. But not so in the smaller, lesser known ones, where having just the automatic bid at stake makes for thrilling television. Albany punched their ticket to the NCAA tournament… »3/14/15 1:26pm3/14/15 1:26pm