Albert Breer Calling Someone From ESPN "Assface" Is Currently Front-Page News On The NFL Network's Website

Click the image above to enlarge it, then take a look at the running Twitter feed in the lower-middle section of what you see. Yep, that's Albert Breer calling Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas "Assface" on the main page of the NFL Network's website (a more complete image of the front page can be found here).

Possibly Drunk, Definitely Zubaz-Wearing Steelers Fan Is Very Excited About Being On NFL Network

Albert Breer's had some struggles in his first season as an NFL Network on-air correspondent, but he was blissfully unaware of the majesty appearing behind him in this standup from Heinz Field Sunday morning. Kudos to the Steelers fans for using an ambulance as their tailgate vehicle, as it probably proves useful…