This Year, Everyone At The Tour De France Is Crashing Out

The opening stage of this year's Tour de France was a blatant attempt to get Mark Cavendish his first yellow jersey. Organizers kicked off the race with a pancake-flat run into Harrogate, UK, where Cavendish's mother is from. It's probably the only time the peloton's most accomplished sprinter will race in a Grand… »7/18/14 1:57pm7/18/14 1:57pm


How The Rivalry That Was Supposed To Usher In Cycling's New Era Didn't

On Tuesday, May 29, 2012, Andy Schleck won the 2010 Tour De France. He finished 39 agonizing seconds behind Alberto Contador on the road, but the Spaniard's suspension for taking clenbuterol meant that Schleck inherited the yellow jersey. Winning a proxy war against Contador was a cruel way to bag his first grand… »7/07/14 2:47pm7/07/14 2:47pm

Tour De France, Stage 21: A Bloodless Conclusion To A Bloody Race

The last stage of the Tour de France is designed to make you forget all those times that Grand Tour cyclists come off like persnickety bitches. It's a day of good feelings. A gentleman's agreement obtains whereby no one attacks the yellow jersey, and there's champagne to sip along the first few kilometers — even for… »7/24/11 6:12pm7/24/11 6:12pm

Alberto Contador Punches A Heckler, Tour De France Remains Awesome

The carnage at DeathFrance 3000 is not contained to the riders. Today a spectator dressed as a doctor and carrying a blood bag (A reference to his positive drug test at last year's Tour) joined others in running alongside Contador as he tried to make a last-ditch move on the last day in the Alps. Contador took a… »7/22/11 3:40pm7/22/11 3:40pm

Tour De France, Stage 18: The Day The Sport Lost Its Shit

There are moments when commentary on even the most marginal events rises to such shrieking hyperbole that we're compelled to see what the fuss is all about. Today, Stage 18 of the Tour de France, was one of those days. Total. Freakout. Perhaps this is not unexpected from veteran Versus cycling announcer Phil Liggett,… »7/21/11 7:02pm7/21/11 7:02pm

The Gruesome Reason This Has Been The Best Tour De France Yet

They finally figured it out - men cycling on an open road is boring. But add some obstacles: cars, bikes, barbed wire, random spectators, all out to stop the riders by any means necessary, and we've got ourselves a sport. A living video game. Here's why we've been loving the first week of DeathFrance 3000. »7/11/11 11:15am7/11/11 11:15am