ALDS Game 1 Live Blog: Indians Vs. Yankees

The Phillies-Rockies series is half (or more) over, and the Yankees still haven't played. If they hadn't lost their spot as MLB's Prime Time Team to the Red Sox, we'd be waiting even longer. But here they are, facing an Indians team that's been underrated all season. It's C.C. Sabathia for the Indians and Chien-Ming… » 10/04/07 6:26pm 10/04/07 6:26pm

ALDS Game 1 Live Blog: Red Sox Vs. Angels

We close out the day with our second live blog, though we can't imagine there are any Red Sox fans who didn't start working at 5:30 a.m. today to make sure they got out of the office in time for this game. Surely, there are West Coasters stuck. So, to close us out, we pass the mic to Sarah Schorno, Huffington Post… » 10/03/07 6:26pm 10/03/07 6:26pm