Caps Tell NPR Not To Ask Ovechkin About Anti-Gay Laws; NPR Asks Anyway

Through this offseason of shoving a mic in the face of every potential Russian Olympic athlete to get a quote on Russia's anti-gay legislation, Alexander Ovechkin has proved elusive. No more. NPR tracked down Ovechkin, recently returned from carrying the Olympic torch, and posed the burning question. » 10/01/13 1:26pm 10/01/13 1:26pm

Alex Ovechkin Somehow Named Twice To NHL All-Star Team

The Washington Capitals' Alex Ovechkin is a great hockey player, this GIF aside. He led the league in goals and willed his mostly bad team to the playoffs. He was, it's fair to say, the best right wing in hockey. And the Pro Hockey Writers' Association (PHWA) recognized that in its all-star balloting: Ovechkin made… » 7/03/13 2:50pm 7/03/13 2:50pm

"You Don't Have To Act Like A Baby": Mike Milbury Goes Off On Alex…

It's all gone wrong for the Capitals, sitting firmly in last place in the East. (They do have a game in hand on the Islanders, which is a very sad parenthetical to write.) Fairly or not, much of the blame has fallen on Alexander Ovechkin, once a consensus Top-2 player in the world, now painted as an underachiever… » 2/28/13 10:20am 2/28/13 10:20am

Alex Ovechkin Met A Contest Winner, And They Had A Cake With Both Their…

Ovechkin awakened from a weeks-long Twitter slumber to send out this photo with the caption "With lucky guy James who win Mr Big dinner with me. Hahaha))))" (Those are Russian smiley faces, I believe.) But—that cake. Can we talk about the cake? I could take or leave the dinner with Ovechkin — his English isn't… » 3/01/12 10:55am 3/01/12 10:55am

This Should Answer The Question Of Whether Alex Ovechkin Regrets…

Back when it looked like Alexander Ovechkin might not be named to the All-Star Game, he told a reporter he wouldn't be disappointed "because I'm going to go straight up to vacation somewhere." But he did make the roster, and also managed to get himself suspended for three games. So he decided no All-Star Game because… » 1/27/12 1:20pm 1/27/12 1:20pm

Alex Ovechkin Accused Of Spitting In Opponent's Face

A little run-in between Ovechkin and Blue Jackets winger/agitator Derek Dorsett on Saturday went mostly unnoticed: Dorsett ran Ovechkin, Ovechkin got in his face, the two received matching minors, then everybody went home to celebrate New Year's Eve. But now Dorsett is accusing Ovechkin of spitting on him during the… » 1/04/12 10:20am 1/04/12 10:20am

Idiot Columnist Writes Idiot Column About Ovechkin And Steroids

John Steigerwald—he of the "Bryan Stow deserved to get beaten into a coma" column—is at it again. This time the Washington (Pa.) Observer-Reporter observer/reporter sets his poorly-focused sights on Alexander Ovechkin. Since his numbers have taken a dip, and also a steroid doctor who Ovechkin has never been associated… » 12/05/11 11:20am 12/05/11 11:20am