New York Rangers Still Have Receipt For Dead Prospect

It's been almost four whole weeks since the New York Rangers' top draft pick Alexei Cherepanov collapsed and died during a league game in Russia, so the team probably figures that enough time has passed that someone should address the needs of those who have been most effected by this senseless tragedy—the New York… »11/07/08 4:30pm11/07/08 4:30pm

Tragic Death of Rangers Prospect May Have Been Accidently Caused by Jaromir Jagr?

The details are starting to come in about the death of New York Rangers hockey prospect, 19-year-old Alexei Cherepanov. The initial reports had him suffering a cardiac arrest while sitting on the bench at a game in Moscow, but the story is getting even more random and tragic. Puck Daddy has been all over it from the… »10/13/08 6:30pm10/13/08 6:30pm