Hey, the All-Star Game Is Finally Here! I Said, the All-Star Game Is…

No one who was playing professional baseball the year that I last watched an entire All-Star Game from start to finish is still playing today. Not one single player. Which is a fancy way of saying that I haven't watched an All-Star Game in decades. Now, I understand that literally hundreds of baseball fans are thrilled … » 7/16/13 10:51am 7/16/13 10:51am

Mets Approached Cougar Site About Stuffing Ballot Box For David Wright

When the first vote totals for the MLB All-Star Game were released last week, David Wright was in second. A desperate Mets marketing department didn't want Wright to lose to Pablo Sandoval for the second year in a row, especially not with the game being held at Citi Field. So one employee decided to turn to an… » 6/13/13 2:03pm 6/13/13 2:03pm

What Did Sportswriters Think About Kansas City Barbecue? We…

The MLB All-Star Game is one of the few times during the season when baseball writers across the country congregate in a single city. When that happens, their conversations inevitably turn from their hatred of their jobs to the one thing that keeps them going through their existence: food. This year, the venue was… » 7/11/12 3:40pm 7/11/12 3:40pm

White Sox Bribing Fans To Vote Jake Peavy To The All-Star Team

It's time again for the stumpin' and campaignin' of the All-Star Game Final Vote, which I reluctantly capitalize since it's not a particularly creative branding (No "Plus One?" Or "Let's Get The Japanese Fans On Our Mailing Lists?"), and it's not particularly final, since most of these guys will get on as injury… » 7/02/12 6:20pm 7/02/12 6:20pm

Tony La Russa Explains Decision Not To Put Johnny Cueto On All-Star…

Uh oh, we got ourselves a scandal, or something. Cincinnati Reds manager Dusty Baker and former St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa have never been especially fond of each other. Their relationship got even testier over the weekend when La Russa, who was in charge of making final selections for the National… » 7/02/12 4:48pm 7/02/12 4:48pm

Now Photographers Working The Home Run Derby Are Planking Too

We've tried to stay on top of this planking thing for you guys, because it's confusing and new and stressful. Last we dropped in on sports-based planking, some wealthy—but now unemployed—NBA stars got prone on ostentatious objects (Beamers, Benzes, or Bentleys, we cannot remember which). » 7/12/11 9:00pm 7/12/11 9:00pm