Starting In The Basement: A Day At Open Tryouts For The NBA's D-League

One of the first things that Jay Larranaga, head coach of the Erie Bayhawks, tells the 35 players who have paid $150 apiece to possibly have a shot at maybe earning a spot on his NBA Development League team, is that they are not really talented. Well, he doesn't say it exactly like that. But everyone knows what he… »10/03/11 4:00pm10/03/11 4:00pm


The Knicks Just Love Throwing Money At Allan Houston

It seems like only yesterday that the New York Knicks were paying Allan Houston $20 million a year to not »9/26/08 11:15am9/26/08 11:15am play for them. In fact, , during which Houston - who had retired in 2005 because of a arthritic left knee - was the second highest paid player in the league ($20.7 million) behind Kevin Garnett ($21 million). Of…