U.S. Swimming Star Allison Schmitt Brings Out The Worst In Stupid People

The Internet is full of idiots. You don't really need to be told this. But last night after the 4x100 medley relay, won Allison Schmitt helped deliver a new world record for with a 53.25 freestyle split, it seems the idiots decided to provide their input on the interview Schmitt provided alongside Missy Franklin,… »8/05/12 5:07pm8/05/12 5:07pm


This Is The Deficit Allison Schmitt Just Erased To Win Gold For Team USA In The Women's 4x200 Free

The 4x200-meter freestyle relay just ended, and, as you'll learn tonight on NBC, the American women won gold. The hero of today's race was not Missy Franklin, everybody's favorite teenage superstar, but Allison Schmitt, the 22-year-old from the University of Georgia. (The photo above comes from Tuesday's competition,… »8/01/12 4:50pm8/01/12 4:50pm