Young Allison Stokke Takes On Erin Andrewsness In An Epic Battle of Doability

With SHOTY in full swing » 11/24/08 6:05pm 11/24/08 6:05pm, the results of In Game Now's ", and now the final round of The Big Picture's , it's obviously online voting season for sports blogs. They are down to their final two contestants: The second seed, nubile pole vaulter Allison Stokke is up against AP/Coaches' Poll number one seed, ubiquitous…

Allison Stokke Madness Resurfaces With A Vengeance

Once again, University of California pole vaulter Allison Stokke is being hunted by the wandering trolls of the internet, thanks to the emergence of new photos featuring the athletic teenager wearing her required sporting uniform and holding a giant pole .Her dad, the chronically annoyed and litigious Allan Stokke, is… » 4/16/08 7:50pm 4/16/08 7:50pm

How To Detract Attention From Your Attractive Teenage Daughter

Problem: Nasty bloggers are spreading your 18-year-old pole vaulting daughter's picture across the Internets. (They can send all the letters to Ufford they want, but you can still find the picture here and here and about a million other places.) Solution: Scream your lungs out about it on the front page of The… » 5/29/07 10:30am 5/29/07 10:30am