Have Rio's U.S. Gymnastics Darlings Already Arrived? Meet Katelyn…

WORCESTER, Mass.—None of the stars from the "Fierce Five," the highly meme-able gold medal team from the London Games, competed in Worcester for the American Cup last weekend. The American Cup is the only international gymnastics competition held in the U.S., but these girls are still on the final leg of London promo:… » 3/06/13 4:30pm 3/06/13 4:30pm

McKayla Maroney's Meme Knowledge Is...Impressive

Most impressive. Here is a photo Maroney posted to instagram with teammates Aly Raisman and Kyla Ross posing for a picture at their hotel maybe? Trying to get in a quick swim. Their luck ran out however, as they were informed the pool's closed. » 8/11/12 5:00pm 8/11/12 5:00pm

How Aly Raisman, The Steady Teammate, Won Individual Gold

On the final day of Olympic gymnastics, American Aly Raisman broke through—winning bronze on the balance beam and then gold, decisively, on the floor. Till now, Raisman had been mainly celebrated for her consistency and leadership: a steady competitor under pressure, with a record of team success and individual… » 8/08/12 9:13am 8/08/12 9:13am

It Seems Everybody Loves Aly Raisman's Parents Except The Guy Who Had…

Who loves Aly Raisman's parents? Lots of you, it seems. Who doesn't? Sweater Guy who had to sit behind her dad during today's floor exercise final. Down in front! [NBC] » 8/07/12 11:10pm 8/07/12 11:10pm