Hey, Everyone, Look At This Azerbaijani Wrestler's Wonderful Dance

At the 27th Summer Universiade earlier this week, Azerbaijani wrestler Rasul Chunayev found himself squaring off against Russian foe Islambek Albiev for tournament gold in the 66 kg weight class. It didn't take him long to secure the win, which was good for him and good for us as, at about the 0:34 mark of the video… » 7/18/13 9:32am 7/18/13 9:32am

Massive Gym Light Fixture Falls Directly On High School Wrestler

"Madison Square Garden" is a big deal for the Madison (S.D.) Bulldogs—an annual wrestling triangular, featuring "one of the most unique atmosphere's in the state for a dual. A packed gym, ridiculously loud music played at ever stop in the action, one big light over the mat, 1000 glow sticks, stats in prom dresses,… » 1/21/13 9:35am 1/21/13 9:35am