The Origins Of Amateurism; Or, Why College Sports Are So Fucked Up

As president of the NCAA, Mark Emmert has $1.7 million a year riding on the premise that college sports are integral to the mission of higher education in general, a number that frankly lends a certain insight to his cause. Sympathy, even. After all, if you made that kind of money, you'd probably find that preserving‚Ķ »4/25/14 1:57pm4/25/14 1:57pm


Anyone Care What David Brooks Has To Say About Amateurism And The NCAA?

Other than the fact that Upmarket Jeff Foxworthy somehow believes there was once a time of chivalric amateurism, and other than the part where he relishes the supposed irony of lefties advocating capitalism-friendly reform (Saul Alinsky and Marvin Miller would like a word) and also the part where he writes, "College‚Ķ »9/23/11 2:06pm9/23/11 2:06pm