How A UVa Fan Bluffed His Way Into The Huddle At The ACC Title Game

At halftime of Virginia's ACC tournament semifinal, Danny had an idea. He noticed all the Cavaliers staff members hovering around the team, and discerned what exactly gave them to the power to roam freely around the court: a suit with a Virginia-orange tie. One day and one trip to Walmart later, Danny was down on the… »3/19/14 4:36pm3/19/14 4:36pm


Chris Duhon Vs. Rec Leaguer: An Indicted Art Mogul's $50K Bad Beat

I've never been invited to one of those high-end poker games hosted by Helly Nahmad's pals, but I do know he's a gambling man. My sole encounter with Nahmad—who, along with a Star Wars cantina's worth of goons and sharpers, was recently indicted for allegedly operating a gambling and money-laundering operation out of… »4/18/13 2:30pm4/18/13 2:30pm

Two Savannah State Students Recorded Themselves Sneaking Into The Super Bowl

If walking past dozens of police and security guards while sneaking into the Super Bowl is not brazen enough for you, these two guys decided to film themselves doing it, too. According to Savannah Morning News, what you see below is "footage of how they snuck into the stadium just in time for Beyoncé's halftime… »2/10/13 11:19am2/10/13 11:19am

Jim Irsay Mailed A Fan $8,500 In Cash For Predicting The Score Of The AFC Championship

Colts owner is a weird dude. But he's honest. So when he tweeted Sunday afternoon that he'd give $8,500 to the first person to correctly predict the outcome and score of the Ravens/Patriots game (with a one-point cushion), there was no reason not to take a guess. One Colts fan named Jason went with Baltimore, 27-13 »1/23/13 4:05pm1/23/13 4:05pm

A Group Of Bros Infiltrated The Knicks Locker Room, Asked Gregg Popovich About J.R. Smith, And Got Kicked Out After Snapping A Picture Of Half-Naked Carmelo

On Thursday night, Peter and his friends had courtside tickets to Knicks-Spurs, a gift from a family friend that meant an up-close view of the game in which Stephen Jackson injured himself tripping over Mike Bloomberg's waitress and J.R. Smith did this. After it ended, they did what anyone would do after spending a… »1/05/13 11:25am1/05/13 11:25am

Some Texas A&M Fan Snuck Onto The Field And Watched The Alabama Game From The Aggies' Sideline

Texas A&M's upset of Alabama was undoubtedly a thrill for every Aggie fan. But imagine what it must have been like for the guy in the top right corner of the photo above. No wonder dude jogged off the field at halftime with such a shit-eating grin: On an A&M message board, he tells the story of how he snuck down there… »11/16/12 5:35pm11/16/12 5:35pm

This Photo Captures The Moment A Pissed-Off Steelers Fan Threw Her Beer On The Photographer After Tracy Porter's Game-Ending INT

Everyone, leave Syria, leave Afghanistan, the Pulitzer for breaking news photography is now a one-shot race. A 26-year-old Broncos fan named Greg Wilson took this photo of an angry Steelers fan at Mile High moments after Tracy Porter picked off Ben Roethlisberger to seal Denver's 31-19 victory. The splash was a… »9/10/12 3:40pm9/10/12 3:40pm

"I Would Like To Extend You A Counter-Offer To Suck My Dick": A Rejected Jobseeker Sends The Padres The Best Letter Ever

Taylor Grey Meyer estimates that she applied for a job with the San Diego Padres at least 30 times since moving to Coronado, Calif. Initially, in the sales office; but as she was alternately rejected and ignored, she lowered her sights. This past March, she applied for a minimum-wage job selling tickets at Petco Park.… »8/09/12 8:35pm8/09/12 8:35pm

Meet The Minor Leaguer And Scam Artist Who Sold A Pittsburgh Pirate To Australia

Surely it was a surprising development when Pirates outfielder Xavier Paul agreed to sign with the Brisbane Bandits of the Australian Baseball League this season. But his agent dotted the I's and crossed the T's, and Brisbane rolled out the red carpet for Paul to make his debut last week. »11/15/11 2:55pm11/15/11 2:55pm

Here's A Video About Hunting Mork Encino With A Pellet Pistol

Spoiler Alert: Mork "Hunting Bait" Encino survives this segment about his whole "you can hunt me for $10K (or $12K if you want me naked)" schtick. How can I be sure? Because he sent a private Twitter message this week about his talks to appear on the George Lopez Tonight show in the days before the George Lopez… »8/13/11 7:15pm8/13/11 7:15pm

How An MLB Umpire Helped This Kalamazoo Wiffleball Team Win Its Game

The Kalamazoo Wiffle League is the No. 1 competitive wiffle league in the nation, one of its players tells me. This becomes apparent when you see Steve Everett's leaping catch below, and even more so when you see the lengths the wifflers went to verify the call. At stake were the tying runs in the last inning, after… »6/09/11 4:30pm6/09/11 4:30pm

The Canucks Fan Who Drove 1,000 Miles For A Game, Partied With The Owner, Drank With Beautiful Women, Nearly Died, And Got Comped For Game 5

This is the totally true* story of Danny, a 24-year-old Canucks fan who on the spur of the moment decided to drive from Vancouver to San Jose for Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals, and ended up wandering the streets in a hospital gown with no memory of the preceding nine hours. »6/01/11 3:25pm6/01/11 3:25pm