How The Crazy-Ass AL Division Races Unfolded: Visualizing Momentum

The Athletics and the Yankees clinched their respective division titles on the same day, but the paths they took to get there were very different. The A's budget freight train slammed through a Rangers squad that had sat atop the AL West for over 170 consecutive days, while the Yankees barely edged the Orioles despite… » 10/04/12 3:15pm 10/04/12 3:15pm

Just How Tight Is The AL Playoff Race?

With three weeks to go in the season, over half of baseball is still in the race. Seventeen teams are within five games of a playoff spot. You might think that's mostly due to the new second wild card, and that's the case in the NL. With all three division leaders comfortable and the Braves safe at the first wild… » 9/13/12 10:20am 9/13/12 10:20am

For The 2013 Season, The Astros Will Go To The AL West And Basically…

MLB's owners unanimously approved the sale of the Houston Astros from Drayton McLane to Jim Crane today, and included a $65 million price cut in the deal. The Astros will leave the NL Central and join the AL West for the 2013 season, and, to the relief of symmetricists everywhere, each league will have 15 teams. » 11/17/11 4:05pm 11/17/11 4:05pm