It Is Fight Week and Las Vegas Is a Timeless Vortex

“You here for the fight?” said my cab driver, who looked like a less successful Guy Fieri. “I used to work for referee Jay Nady, the highest grossing boxing referee of all time.” He gestured out the window at a stoplight. “See that cab? That’s Jay Nady’s cab company right there. The ones with the ‘A.’ The ‘A’ is for… » 4/29/15 1:50pm 4/29/15 1:50pm

NASCAR Fan Shaves American Flag Into Chest Hair

This guy was in Richmond last night, which apparently played host to not only the Ambrose-Mears fight, but the Civil War of shirts. Let's just all disregard the potentially racist/treasonous idiot in the Confederate flag shirt and feast our eyes upon the patriotic idiot with the hirsute Old Glory. Clearly, it was… » 4/27/14 10:11am 4/27/14 10:11am

The Amazing True Story Of Victor, The Wrestling Bear

In the 2008 Will Ferrell movie Semi-Pro, which centers on a fictional ABA basketball team, there's a scene where Jackie Moon, played by Ferrell, wrestles with a grizzly bear at halftime of a game. It's an absurd, ridiculous, preposterous scene, and it was, believe it or not, based on a real promotion. On Apr. 2, 1975,… » 2/27/14 11:59am 2/27/14 11:59am

UNC And Michigan State Will Wear Ugly Camo Uniforms In Game On Aircraft Carrier

Now is as good of a time as any to remind the world that in just a week and a half, two premier college basketball programs will be playing an actual game that will actually count on a giant aircraft carrier on the water in San Diego. And they'll be doing so, it turns out, in camouflage jerseys that say "U.S.A." on… » 11/01/11 6:00pm 11/01/11 6:00pm