Amir Johnson's Jersey Vest Is The Best Vest

Amir Johnson sat out of last night's Raptors game with an injury, but he didn't want to let the NBA's stodgy dress code prevent him from supporting his team. So he busted out this very chic jersey vest thingy. » 2/13/14 12:28pm 2/13/14 12:28pm

Amir Johnson Took 3.5 Seconds Between Dribbles, And Did Not Get Called…

It's sort of inexplicable how Toronto's Amir Johnson was able to get away with this. He takes the pass, dribbles to just outside the lane, picks up his dribble, pump fakes, pump fakes, and drives for a short jumper. By the game clock, it took him nearly four full seconds between putting the ball on the floor, and he… » 1/03/13 1:45pm 1/03/13 1:45pm

Amir Johnson Fights With Referee Over Dead Ball, Gets Ejected, Throws…

The NBA laughingstock that is the Toronto Raptors continued a parade of clownfoolery tonight as frontcourt star Amir Johnson was ejected from tonight's game in Portland in the third quarter under bizarre circumstances. » 12/11/12 12:18am 12/11/12 12:18am

Gaming Wars Rage On, With Dueling NCAA Theft Convictions

Some athletes like the multiplayer options and upgrades that come with PC gaming. Others prefer the simplicity and cost of console gaming. But they can all agree: stealing gaming platforms from fellow students is the way to go. » 8/15/09 2:15pm 8/15/09 2:15pm