Will Manny Pacquiao's Final Opponent Be Revealed Tonight? 

The week in boxing news was dominated by a fighter who isn’t even currently in training: Manny Pacquiao. Even after an uninspired and perhaps compromised performance against Floyd Mayweather, Pacquiao remains the biggest, most marketable name in the sport. And the race to be Pacquiao’s next foe—in what Pacquiao claims… »11/07/15 2:30pm11/07/15 2:30pm


Black-Hatted Mystery Man And Alleged Scorecard Meddler At Amir Khan Fight Identified

The boxing world was abuzz last week with the revelation that a gentleman in an extremely shady black hat might have interfered with judges' scorecards while ringside at the Amir Khan-Lamont Peterson fight in Washington, D.C. in December. At least that's what the Khan camp alleged. (Khan lost both his WBA and IBF… »1/09/12 2:45pm1/09/12 2:45pm

I-Team: Who Is The Mystery Man Allegedly Meddling With Scorecards At The Amir Khan Fight? (UPDATED)

The Amir Khan-Lamont Peterson fight in DC last month ended with a surprising and narrow split decision win for the underdog Peterson in front of his hometown crowd. Khan is a budding superstar. Peterson is a solid fighter. He could have pulled off an upset, but he didn't, not according to our boxing correspondent,… »1/06/12 2:30pm1/06/12 2:30pm

How To Get Robbed In D.C.: Amir Khan Vs. Lamont Peterson

WASHINGTON—A black guy in dark shades and a pimp-style chinchilla coat strode through the D.C. convention center, headed toward the entrance to the fight. Ten feet behind him, a white guy in a button-up shirt surreptitiously snapped photos of him on his cell phone. "Look, a real live pimp, at the fight! What a kick!"… »12/13/11 2:06pm12/13/11 2:06pm