You Didn't Kill Amy Winehouse, But You Didn't Save Her, Either

The cool thing about posthumous tragic-rock-star documentaries is the fresh insight from old friends and still-smitten fans and sheepish surviving accomplices, the raw intimacy of the childhood home movies and illicit backstage footage, the cheesy vintage TV appearances, the nerd arcana, and most of all theā€¦ »7/06/15 12:41pm7/06/15 12:41pm


Omar Little Will Appear As A Fresh-Out-Of-Prison Biology Professor On Community

Television changed this morning the moment when actor Michael Kenneth Williams stated via Twitter, "For all the community peeps out there it's official look for me in up coming eps." Translation: Omar from The Wire is comin' to NBC's Community. It's nice to see he made it through the whole Kenard bullet thing. »7/23/11 7:00pm7/23/11 7:00pm