Don't Look Now, But The NHL's Best Hockey Is Out West

You could be forgiven for feeling a twinge of nostalgia for the Western Conference yesterday, after news emerged that the NHL is nearing an agreement on radical realignment. The new setup is better almost every way: less travel, more geographic rivalries, the chance for every team to host every other team. But for… » 2/26/13 9:10am 2/26/13 9:10am

Ducks Captain Ryan Getzlaf Apparently Challenged A Nightclub Full Of…

Reasonable hockey fans have spent much of the past week sticking up for Alexander Radulov and Andrei Kostitsyn of the Nashville Predators. Barry Trotz benched both forwards for game three of the Western Conference semifinals after they missed curfew, and then he benched them again for game four. It seemed like Trotz's… » 5/07/12 12:50pm 5/07/12 12:50pm

Awful Uncalled Penalty Sets Up Game-Winning Goal Six Seconds Later

Perhaps referees can't be bothered to care when two last-place teams go at it. That's the only possible explanation for the lack of a call on Anaheim's Corey Perry for tripping up Carolina's Jussi Jokinen. It wasn't away from the puck, or in a cloud of bodies, but right out there in the open where everyone and their… » 2/09/12 10:50am 2/09/12 10:50am

Patrick Kane Pulled Off A Perfect Spin-O-Rama Assist Last Night

The Hawks beat the Ducks 3-2 in a shutout in Chicago last night, and Patrick Kane, our favorite Buffalo boozehound, provided the prettiest play of the game. This assist to Marian Hossa tied it up in the second period. Kane later told reporters that he'd discussed the move with Hawks great Denis Savard (who had… » 10/26/11 10:20am 10/26/11 10:20am