That's Not A Car Dunk. This Is A Car Dunk

This is Frenchman Guy Dupuy putting on a show on the And1 Live tour. (Somewhere, Blake Griffin is saying to himself, "ohhh, jumping over the tall park of the car. Yeah, that would have been more impressive.") » 3/10/11 12:00pm 3/10/11 12:00pm

And1 Trades Kicks For Kicks With MMA

As the marketing monstrosity that is MMA continues it is attracting sponsors who want to break out of their one sport reputations. Enter AND1, basketball gear company and newest sponsor of the bloody sport. The company has announced its partnership » 11/02/08 1:00pm 11/02/08 1:00pm with MMA fighter Nate Quarry. The sponsorship will debut during…

The Return Of The 720 Dunk

Taurian Fontenette — AKA "Air Up There" — done did it again, son. A year after Fontenette first shocked The YouTubes with his now famous dunk comes this second video of him putting down a 720. The dunk still looks cool, but I'd love to see Brian Boitano have a go at it. » 7/14/07 4:00pm 7/14/07 4:00pm

Well, This Is Kind Of The Best Dunk You'll Ever See

We've been sent this video so many times over the last few days that we felt we had to post it just so people would stop. It's in one of those "And 1" leagues that Sports Illustrated was all the rage about a while ago, and the dunk is by Taurian "Air Up There" Fontenette, a guy so cool that not even a nickname from… » 7/06/06 11:30am 7/06/06 11:30am