Marlon Byrd, Victor Conte's Most Famous Client, Suspended For PEDs

Marlon Byrd was supposed to be Victor Conte's character witness. For the past three-plus seasons, the journeyman outfield has been the only high-profile client of Conte's supplement business, a product line that's a tough sell since the whole BALCO mess. The BALCO name's gone (it's SNAC now), but Conte could always… »6/25/12 4:45pm6/25/12 4:45pm

Victor Ortiz Versus Andre Berto Round Six: A Lesson In Gameness

Welterweights Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto put it down on Saturday night for the WBC title. It was the kind of fight where you catch yourself yelling at the TV, then step back and marvel that you're yelling at the TV while watching boxing, which gives you flashbacks to when you used to do that sort of thing… »4/18/11 11:20am4/18/11 11:20am