Andre Iguodala Is Going Back To The Bench

Andre Iguodala started every game of his NBA career until last season, when he didn’t start a single one until Game 4 of the NBA Finals. You know how that went, even if his Finals MVP award remains unthinkable. But when the Warriors take the court next season with pretty much the same roster, coach Steve Kerr is going… » 7/17/15 10:22am 7/17/15 10:22am

MVP Award Be Damned, These Were The LeBron Finals

This is a statistical accomplishment I honestly never considered was even possible: in the NBA Finals, LeBron James led all players on both teams in points, assists, and rebounds. That’s a Finals first—obviously—and in the first two categories, it wasn’t even close. The Warriors won as a team; the Cavaliers lost as a… » 6/17/15 9:19am 6/17/15 9:19am

Andre Iguodala Wins Finals MVP, Deserves All This Damn Shine

Andre Iguodala won the Finals MVP vote 7-4 over LeBron James (Steph got 0 votes). This makes it four Finals in a row that that MVP goes to LeBron or the guy checking him, and few guys in the league deserve a spot to shine quite like Dre. Below is a post from just after he shouldered his way into the spotlight in Game… » 6/17/15 12:25am 6/17/15 12:25am

Fuck Yeah Andre Iguodala Deserves All This Shine

Watching Andre Iguodala bust his ass in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, scrambling around screens and harrying LeBron post-ups, totally thriving within the confines of his game, was one of the happiest and unlikeliest things to happen this postseason. Andre, who’s been laboring on the outskirts of NBA notability for… » 6/05/15 3:18pm 6/05/15 3:18pm

My God, The Warriors Are A Sight To Behold

How do you stop this? We could focus on everything the Rockets did wrong—James Harden shooting 3 for 16, Corey Brewer attempting multiple times to take the game over—but that wouldn’t be fair. That would deny the role the Warriors played in forcing those wrong things to happen. Without an ounce of hyperbole, that… » 5/24/15 12:15am 5/24/15 12:15am

Everybody Do The Andre Iguodala Travel Dance!

Late in last night's game between the Grizzlies and Warriors, Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley dropped in a layup that put his team up 95-88 with three minutes to play. Warriors forward Andre Iguodala thought Conley took one too many steps on the drive, and he used the language of dance to express his displeasure: » 12/17/14 12:14pm 12/17/14 12:14pm

Andre Iguodala Pokes Fun At Haka Dance; Steven Adams Is Not Amused

The New Zealand national team did a haka dance before playing Team USA in the FIBA World Cup Tuesday, and it was neat to watch, as haka dances are. (James Harden and Derrick Rose seemed puzzled as it happened, but whatever.) The Warriors' Andre Iguodala, who isn't playing in the tournament, cracked a joke about the… » 9/03/14 6:49pm 9/03/14 6:49pm

Andre Iguodala Leaves Some Rich Dudes Hanging On A High Five

These three dudes were right there after Andre Iguodala's buzzer-beater to beat the Thunder, and they were right there to give Iguodala a giant high five after it happened. Look at their faces. Look at the way two of them follow through after Iguodala turns and walks away. Look at how the dude to the far left just… » 11/15/13 9:45am 11/15/13 9:45am

The Nuggets Don't Have A Star Player, But They Don't Need One

With last night's road victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder—a win that came on the second leg of back-to-back games—the Denver Nuggets quietly extended their win streak to 13. The Miami Heat, of course, have reached 23 straight wins with supernatural ease, and are understandably the bigger NBA story this month.… » 3/20/13 4:42pm 3/20/13 4:42pm

Andre Iguodala Doesn't Like Clubs Because They Are Too Damn Loud

GQ just posted an interview with Nuggets guard Andre Iguodala that includes a few entertaining insights. Iguodala talks about the "chill" spot he retreats to for hours at a time where he can "watch SportsCenter and text people and just relax," and he also tells us that Deadspin favorite JaVale McGee is a nerd who… » 3/01/13 5:10pm 3/01/13 5:10pm