Cortland Finnegan Retires, Remains In Denial About Time He Got Beat Up

Cortland Finnegan—the long-time Titan cornerback who is better known as the NFL's biggest asshole—took to Instagram today to announce his retirement. In a statement that covers his love of the game, his appreciation at having played, and his excitement about his future, he reveals that is apparently still in denial… »3/11/15 11:51am3/11/15 11:51am

Andre Johnson Spent $19,521.14 At Toys "R" Us For Kids In Child Protective Services' Care

Here's one to get you in the spirit of the season. Renowned nice guy Andre Johnson went down to Toys "R" Us and bought toys for foster kids in Texas' Child Protective Services. We haven't verified whether $19,521.14, the amount cited by a random Instragram commenter, is exact, but with a receipt that long, does it… »12/04/12 5:00pm12/04/12 5:00pm