Awesome Old Dude Andre Miller Should Play In The NBA Forever

As you may have heard, cagey-ass old man Andre Miller has signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves for the 2015-16 NBA season. The Wolves have oft-injured, offensively challenged Ricky Rubio at the point, and down the roster they’ve got scrawny rookie Tyus Jones, and right there between the two of them is a need for a… »7/30/15 1:58pm7/30/15 1:58pm


Andre Miller Throws Some Classic Old-Man Game At The Heat, Scores

Andre Miller is 941 years old and has been in the NBA longer than it has existed; his first career assist, as a matter of fact, was a pocket bounce-pass to a rolling Chester Arthur for a two-handed jam. In all the years since, Gramps has learned a few tricks to augment his nonexistent athleticism, and he whipped out… »12/01/14 9:46pm12/01/14 9:46pm

The Nuggets Don't Have A Star Player, But They Don't Need One

With last night's road victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder—a win that came on the second leg of back-to-back games—the Denver Nuggets quietly extended their win streak to 13. The Miami Heat, of course, have reached 23 straight wins with supernatural ease, and are understandably the bigger NBA story this month.… »3/20/13 4:42pm3/20/13 4:42pm

Andre Miller Blocked The Shot Of A Guy 15 Years Younger And Eight Inches Taller Than Him

It seems like only yesterday that Andre Miller was leading his Utah Utes in the Final Four, said no one. Indeed, the real shocker about Miller's career is that he's "only" 36, though the athleticism he shows on this play tonight may even make you question that age. Here's Miller during tonight's Nuggets-Jazz game… »11/10/12 12:02am11/10/12 12:02am