Nets Sell T-Shirts With Andrei Kirilenko Looking Like Martha Stewart

The Nets are selling some pretty interesting shirts at Barclays Center for Game 4 against Miami tonight. As you can see, the shirts have illustrated faces representing the big names and head coach for both teams, and they are a little rough. I mean, Paul Pierce looks like Voldemort and KG (??) looks like Tyson… » 5/12/14 7:35pm 5/12/14 7:35pm

LeBron James Salty Over Hard Foul

With nearly nine minutes left in the fourth quarter, a steamrolling LeBron James looked to be fouled hard by Mirza Teletovic. An uneventful scrum convened under the basket. The play was reviewed and LeBron was assessed an offensive foul and Teletovic a flagrant-1. LeBron was pissed, Teletovic bemused. Mike Breen hits… » 1/11/14 11:19am 1/11/14 11:19am

Everyone Thinks The Nets Are Up To Some Shady Shit

Yesterday, Andrei Kirilenko opted out of his 2013-14 contract with the Timberwolves ($10 million and a first-round playoff exit) in order to sign with the Nets ($3.1 million and a second-round playoff exit). This, naturally, leads to all sorts of questions. » 7/12/13 3:57pm 7/12/13 3:57pm

Andrei Kirilenko Signs Inexplicable Deal With Brooklyn Nets

What the hell, Andrei Kirilenko? After opting out of his contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves, which would have paid him $10 million during the 2013-2014 season, AK47 has decided to sign with the Brooklyn Nets—for just $3.1 million. » 7/11/13 7:24pm 7/11/13 7:24pm

Andrei Kirilenko's Wife, For Unknown Reasons, Wore A Scream Mask

Look, we're no experts on Russia, and no one wants to be culturally insensitive. But according to the official Twitter feed of CSKA Moscow, the top team in the Russian Basketball SuperLeague, former NBAer Andrei Kirilenko got an elbow to the eye in the third quarter of last night's game and Masha Lopatova—yes, the… » 3/22/12 9:20pm 3/22/12 9:20pm

When I Dance They Call Me Kirilenko

CSKA Moscow, Andrei Kirilenko's new professional team in Russia, had its Media Day recently. Naturally, this involved the players breaking into three groups and dancing to Muzak and outdated pop songs on a stage in a giant banquet hall somewhere in Moscow. » 10/18/11 7:50pm 10/18/11 7:50pm

This Evening: Andrei Kirilenko Joins His Old Team In Russia, Poses With…

Your p.m. roundup for Oct. 6, the day some really hung squirrel ruined a bake off. Photo via That NBA Lottery Pick. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors. » 10/06/11 7:45pm 10/06/11 7:45pm

What The Hell Did Andrei Kirilenko Do To His Back?

Andrei Kirilenko got a back tattoo. As far as we can tell, although we don't play Earthdawn ourselves, it is an image of a warrior riding a dragon beast flying creature with strangely-textured giant wings. Let's call it the Russian God of Bad Ideas. » 5/09/11 3:20pm 5/09/11 3:20pm

Andrei Kirilenko Hasn't Cashed In His Adultery Allowance Yet

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: AK-47 only drinks his own milkshake. » 12/09/10 3:35pm 12/09/10 3:35pm

How Andrei Kirilenko Is Spending His Summer Vacation

There's so much absurdity in this little tableau that the fact Andrei Kirilenko is on a jet ski is probably the most normal thing about it. » 6/08/09 5:45pm 6/08/09 5:45pm

The Utah Jazz Had More Fun On New Years Eve Than You Did

You might have seen these by now, but in case you haven't ... here's proof that the Utah Jazz are destined to have goofy parties whenever Andrei Kirilenko hosts them. » 1/14/08 3:10pm 1/14/08 3:10pm

Baron Davis Climbs Andrei Kirilenko

If you watch closely, you can see Andrei Kirilenko looking back at Baron Davis afterwards, as if to say, "You know, that really wasn't necessary." Even Adonal Foyle crinkled up his nose in a "Damn that was nasty," kind of a way. When Adonal Foyle acknowledges the nastiness, you know things just got nasty. » 5/12/07 1:00pm 5/12/07 1:00pm

Look, There Was Another Game On Thursday Night

Lest we forget, in all the Warriors hub-bub, that another series took a fun turn last night, with the Jazz tying the Rockets 3-3 with a 94-82 win in Utah. The key Jazz star was Andrei Kirilenko, who shined late despite, you know, crying like a little girl earlier this series because he wasn't getting enough playing… » 5/04/07 12:45pm 5/04/07 12:45pm