Andrei Kirilenko Was The Weirdest Motherfucker Alive

Yesterday, Andrei Kirilenko announced his retirement from basketball. He’d spent the last few months playing in Russia, after being traded to Philadelphia but refusing to report earlier this season. Over the last few years, Kirilenko had become a sort of NBA background character, more notable for the litany of weird… »6/03/15 5:45pm6/03/15 5:45pm


Nets Sell T-Shirts With Andrei Kirilenko Looking Like Martha Stewart

The Nets are selling some pretty interesting shirts at Barclays Center for Game 4 against Miami tonight. As you can see, the shirts have illustrated faces representing the big names and head coach for both teams, and they are a little rough. I mean, Paul Pierce looks like Voldemort and KG (??) looks like Tyson… »5/12/14 7:35pm5/12/14 7:35pm

Andrei Kirilenko's Wife, For Unknown Reasons, Wore A Scream Mask

Look, we're no experts on Russia, and no one wants to be culturally insensitive. But according to the official Twitter feed of CSKA Moscow, the top team in the Russian Basketball SuperLeague, former NBAer Andrei Kirilenko got an elbow to the eye in the third quarter of last night's game and Masha Lopatova—yes, the… »3/22/12 9:20pm3/22/12 9:20pm