FBI Investigates Russian Plot To Hack World Cup Bids, And Other FIFA-Related Treachery

When the wining World Cup bids were announced last year, it was hard not to wrinkle a Corrugator supercilii muscle. Russia had beat out luckless England for the 2018 World Cup. Even weirder was that Qatar had triumphed over the mighty USA for 2022. Now a squad of FBI agents attached to the "Eurasian organized crime"… »12/07/11 12:55pm12/07/11 12:55pm

Obese Santa Claus Lookalike And FIFA Whistleblower Chuck Blazer Gracefully Exits CONCACAF While Being Investigated By FBI

Chuck Blazer, if you recall, is the FIFA executive who went public with bribery accusations against Mohammed bin Hammam, the only rival to Sepp Blatter during FIFA's presidential elections. (The charges torpedoed bin Hammam's candidacy.) Blazer is also the number two at CONCACAF. But not for long. The massive American… »10/06/11 8:05pm10/06/11 8:05pm

FBI Investigating Obese Santa Claus Look-Alike And FIFA "Whistleblower" Chuck Blazer

Quick recapitulation: In May, Chuck Blazer, the lone American on FIFA's executive committee, alleged that Mohammed bin Hammam, who was running against Sepp Blatter for the FIFA presidency, had offered bribes to members of the Caribbean Football Union in exchange for votes. Blatter seized upon the opportunity to ban… »8/16/11 12:05pm8/16/11 12:05pm