Justin Gimelstob Would Like You To Watch The Australian Open Mixed Doubles Final

Former professional tennis player and all-world manly man—as in sex-with-ladies manly man—Justin Gimelstob is at it again (here, "at it again" is open to interpretation, but most likely means "reminding you he is a thing that exists"). Gimelstob is currently an announcer for the Tennis Channel and last night tweeted… »1/27/13 11:30am1/27/13 11:30am

"Fuck You Tennis! I'm Trying To Watch How I Met Your Mother." Twitter Responds To The Novak Djokovic-Andy Murray U.S. Open Classic

Last night Andy Murry and Novak Djokovic played a 4 hour, 54 minute match, tied for the longest U.S. Open men's final ever. It was a gem. CBS scheduled the Monday match in the 4 p.m. slot to ensure tennis wouldn't bump into its primetime lineup. That didn't work. The nearly unprecedented match stretched more than an… »9/11/12 9:40am9/11/12 9:40am

Here Are Andy Murray's Adorable Puppies Wearing His Olympic Medals, Because Puppies

This comes via the Twitter account of Maggie May Murray, the Border Terrier of Olympic tennis champ Andy Murray. (Or maybe it's actually Murray's human girlfriend running the account.) That's Maggie May, rocking the singles gold. Rusty is stuck with the mixed doubles silver, because whether it's children or pets, you… »8/07/12 1:40pm8/07/12 1:40pm

Come Discuss Federer-Murray II: The Quickening With Us Here

Less than a month after Britain's shining star of the tennis world Andy Murray had Wimbledon dreams shot down by Roger Federer, the two match up again today at Centre Court. Will things work out in the home crowd's favor this time, or will Murray again be relegated to "Scotsman"? Will Roger Federer achieve the dream… »8/05/12 9:16am8/05/12 9:16am