Incense And Disappointments. Life of Pi, Reviewed.

1. Life of Pi is about 65 minutes of staggering cinematic beauty surrounded by 55 minutes of touchy-feely New Age claptrap. You recognize the kind, with its choose-your-own-adventure brand of spirituality, and God as captain of the ship sailing everyone's personal journey for self-fulfillment and understanding. At its… » 11/20/12 5:50pm 11/20/12 5:50pm

Life Of Pi's Ang Lee: The World's Least-Cool Great Director

It's hard to classify Ang Lee, whose latest movie, Life of Pi, comes out on Wednesday. He's a respected, acclaimed director—he won an Oscar for Brokeback Mountain—but he's not in any one niche. He's not a purely commercial filmmaker—his one stab at that was Hulk—but he's also not a challenging, provocative art-house… » 11/16/12 7:02pm 11/16/12 7:02pm