The NFL Has Been Making Unruly Fans Pay To Take Anger Management Courses From A Shady Therapist

Yesterday's New York Times featured a story about the NFL's ongoing struggle to keep fans from acting like maniacs and beating the shit out of each other at games. One step the league has taken has been to tell fans that have been ejected from games that they must complete an online anger management course (which… »11/29/12 10:50am11/29/12 10:50am

Messi Had A Hand In Barça's 2-1 Win Over Real Madrid—A Hand That Pepe Stepped On

Despite Cristiano Ronaldo's opening goal, Barcelona claimed the first leg of their Copa del Rey quarterfinal against Real Madrid on a Eric Abidal goal set up by Lionel Messi—a goal that came ten minutes after Real's Pepe stomped on Messi's hand in an act that sent commentator Ray Hudson into apoplexy. [GOLTV] »1/18/12 6:50pm1/18/12 6:50pm

Yorvit Torrealba Spread The Holiday Spirit By Slugging A Venezuelan League Umpire

Rangers catcher Yorvit Torrealba is spending the offseason playing for his hometown Leones del Caracas of the Venezuelan League, and after missing badly for strike three took his frustrations out on the umpire in an ugly way. It was, if my Spanish is correct, one of two attacks on the home plate umpire in the game. »12/23/11 7:42pm12/23/11 7:42pm