Idaho Basketball Coach Flips Out On Assistant, Throws Play Cards

Idaho men's basketball coach Don Verlin lost his shit on assistant coach Chris Helbling during Thursday's game against Northern Arizona. The video quality isn't great, but you can see Verlin yell at Helbling before tossing his play cards and motioning for him to get the hell out. (Helbling did get the hell out.) »2/22/15 12:17pm2/22/15 12:17pm


Bo Pelini Releases His Grumpiness On Sideline Reporter At Halftime

Nebraska was trailing Iowa 14-3 at halftime, and head coach Bo Pelini took out some frustration on ESPN sideline reporter Quint Kessenich, who asked for Pelini's reaction to the two interceptions thrown by Huskers quarterback Ron Kellogg III. "Well, what do you think? What kind of question is that?" Pelini asked as… »11/29/13 1:46pm11/29/13 1:46pm