Basketball Playing Dogs A Metaphor For Disorganized AND1-Style Of Play

The Baseline's Eric Freeman thinks these pooches are reenacting the Jazz-Lakers series. Though if Scout, the puppy, does represent the Jazz, there won't be a Game 5. [The Baseline] » 5/05/10 5:00pm 5/05/10 5:00pm

Basketball-Playing Rats Are Amazing, Gross

This video of rats playing basketball is mounting a furious challenge to our dog-playing-basketball video for supremacy in the ever-competitive category of mammals-playing-basketball videos. What's next, an Eddy-Curry-playing-basketball video? » 4/02/10 6:40pm 4/02/10 6:40pm

Here's A Video Of A Basketball-Playing Dog That You Will Watch All Day

This pup has the fundamentals and requisite pizazz to dominate a rec league and galvanize a small town, something that has not been seen since the Air Bud franchise stormed into theaters and stole our hearts and our $9.95. [YouTube] » 4/02/10 12:45pm 4/02/10 12:45pm

Spanish Soccer Club Whipped Into Shape By Man-Eating Grizzly Bear

Spain's Real Valladolid teaching it's newest training partner the basics of soccer, including how to take a convincing dive when you're a 400 lb killing machine. [The Spoiler] » 9/15/09 11:30am 9/15/09 11:30am