BBC Apologizes For Shitty Thing It Said About Bartoli And Her Dad

Today, gentlemen, we were reminded why we lug our reputations as troglodytes well into the 21st century. A woman named Marion Bartoli proved athletic enough to win a singles title at Wimbledon and was thereupon described to BBC Radio 5 listeners as something other than "a looker." Because, you see, it is not enough to… »7/06/13 4:22pm7/06/13 4:22pm


Just Because Justin Gimelstob Doesn't Like Her, It Doesn't Mean He Can't Stare Intently

Here's a photo from Down The Line »7/24/08 6:15pm7/24/08 6:15pm that shows Washington astles hard-on Justin Gimbelstob admiring Anna Kournikova's newly-inflated kaploogas at a recent World Team Tennis match in Washington D.C. Gimbelstob, as you may remember, not-so-famously said that Kournikova Now, for those comments, but Kournikova still…