"You Were Treated To A Treat!" Canadian College Basketball Announcers Lose Their Shit Over Fantastic Finish

In our group chat system, this was the first observation one of us made about the video above: "Canadian college basketball players are fat." It's footage from the Atlantic Colleges Athletic Association tournament semifinal between Holland College and Mount Saint Vincent University, and it's really nothing more than… »3/08/13 3:15pm3/08/13 3:15pm

Here's Dan Dierdorf Calling Greg Gumbel, His Broadcast Partner Of Six Seasons, "Bill"

Dan Dierdorf and Greg Gumbel were paired up by CBS prior to the start of the 2006 NFL season, so this is their seventh together. Dierdorf proved that he may literally not know an ass from an elbow during an official review today and, as you can hear above, is also calling Greg Gumbel "Bill." There's some discussion… »12/16/12 3:45pm12/16/12 3:45pm

A Very Confused Jim Nantz Insisted The Jets Beat The Patriots, Pulling Off Today's Biggest Upset

A Skyline Chili-sized brain fart exploded in the broadcast booth at Gillette Stadium tonight as CBS flagship announcer Jim Nantz, in the closing moments of New England's overtime win against the Jets, insisted New York were the winners in a "stunner" that was the biggest upset of the day. »10/21/12 8:05pm10/21/12 8:05pm

It Sounds Like Braves Broadcaster Joe Simpson Wants To Beat Up Someone On Twitter

A Joe Simpson was arrested earlier this week for DUI. A Joe Simpson is the color analyst for Atlanta Braves games on SportSouth. These are different people, albeit both celebrities in some way. It seems an individual on Twitter mixed the two up, taking the Hollywood Joe Simpson's offense and attaching it to the… »8/11/12 9:16pm8/11/12 9:16pm

Watch BBC Announcers And Commentators Go Berserk As Mo Farah Won Gold In The 5,000 Meters

Mo Farah scored a royal double for Great Britain in winning the 10,000m and today's 5,000m, and the importance of his win can really only be understood through how their media covered the event. Here, then, is the final 150 meters of his race, with isolated cameras on announcer Steve Cram and the BBC analysis team.… »8/11/12 3:57pm8/11/12 3:57pm

Sporting KC Wins U.S. Open Cup In Shootout Described As "More Dramatic Than Tyler Perry Or Shakespeare"

That GolTV still exists is a miracle in itself; the soccer cable net recently lost its cash cow Spanish Liga contract to Al-Jazeera's new beIN Sports channel. It also lost popular analyst Ray Hudson, he of the orgasmic goal calls, which means GolTV's George D. Metellus served in the color commentary role for last… »8/09/12 10:45am8/09/12 10:45am

Ford C. Frick Award-Winner Tim McCarver Mocked A Cancer Charity During Tonight's Broadcast [UPDATE]

Locks Of Love is a charity that makes wigs out of donated hair for children who have lost theirs due to cancer treatments or other medical reasons. Most people are familiar with Locks Of Love, for whom well-known hirsute people often go shorn in the name of charity and good faith. »7/07/12 8:08pm7/07/12 8:08pm

Rangers Announcer Dave Barnett Starts Speaking Nonsense During Broadcast, Claims Go-Ahead Run Is At "Fifth" Base [UPDATE]

The bottom of the eighth inning of last night's Rangers-Padres game from San Diego turned weird during tonight's broadcast on Fox Sports Southwest as longtime broadcaster Dave Barnett appeared to completely lose his mind, claiming a runner was at "fifth" base and then trailing off into a story about "henchmen" and… »6/19/12 2:02am6/19/12 2:02am

Here's Gus Johnson Calling The San Jose Earthquakes' Exciting Last-Second Win

We heard last week from our friends at Awful Announcing that excitable announcer Gus Johnson had picked up the strange gig of calling MLS games on radio for the San Jose Earthquakes. We tuned in tonight, and were not disappointed. While our emeritus editor Will Leitch has concluded that Johnson's become a terrible… »4/28/12 10:00pm4/28/12 10:00pm

"It Ain't Midnight Yet, Y'all!": The Vocal Cord-Shredding Announcer Is Delightfully Pleasant Via Email

The man behind that voice is Brian Snow and he is just about the nicest person with whom you will ever exchange emails. I had a chance to pick his brain about life, sports and how he keeps that voice in pitch perfect condition earlier this week. He cut his teeth in Chicago, having attended Fenger high school and… »3/10/12 10:11am3/10/12 10:11am

High School Basketball Announcer Shreds Vocal Cords To Pieces In Bonkers Championship Game Call

Please enjoy this gentleman (?) calling a high school game in Chicago absolutely losing his shit in the final seconds. From what we can gather in all the madness, "Hot Rod" Williams drilled a three with 2.4 seconds left to take the lead. Then all hell broke loose in the announcer's booth. We truly are watching what… »3/04/12 10:40pm3/04/12 10:40pm