Ask An Anonymous PR Guy About The Shady Work Of Being A Pro Athlete's Publicist

Gang, meet Anonymous PR Guy. Anonymous PR Guy, say hello to the gang. Anonymous PR Guy is an actual publicist for a handful of pro athletes, and in exchange for his anonymity, he's agreed to share a few stories with us about what his job is really like. We've always wondered, and now we know: He's already dished on … »8/21/12 3:00pm8/21/12 3:00pm


How Women Throw Themselves At Pro Athletes (And Vice Versa): A Publicist Explains

I'm a publicist, and I've worked with high-profile athletes for nearly 15 years. Olympic gold medalists, NFL All-Pros and Super Bowl champions, MLB All-Stars and World Series champions, even an NBA player on a championship team once. I'm not really a nightlife guy, but there are times when I need to accompany clients… »6/08/12 2:59pm6/08/12 2:59pm