Anthony Davis Still Improving Should Terrify Opponents

LeBron James's return to Cleveland was the biggest story of the 2014 NBA offseason, but in the not-so-distant future we may be referring to it instead as the summer of Anthony Davis. With almost none of America's big stars playing in the FIBA Basketball World Cup, the 21(!) year old power forward anchored the… » 10/29/14 1:08am Wednesday 1:08am

Anthony Davis Instagrams St. Louis Cops Arresting Some Guy

49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis didn't suit up for the second week in a row because of a sprained MCL, but that doesn't mean he wasn't involved in any action. While walking off the field after the 49ers win, Davis documented this arrest of a fan who claims that he only wanted to get an autograph. » 10/14/14 12:42am 10/14/14 12:42am

Anthony Davis Catches/Steals Alley-Oop, Goes Coast-To-Coast For Dunk

Here's Anthony Davis casually catching an alley-oop—Basketball Twitter is saying he invented the block-steal, but you can't block an alley-oop before the oop happens, c'mon—and then dribbling to the other end for a dunk during a USA Basketball scrimmage. He's still a mutant basketball player of terrifying skill. [… » 7/25/13 9:45pm 7/25/13 9:45pm

This Mediocre Kentucky Team Offers Hope That John Calipari Hasn't…

With their win today over No. 11 Florida, the Kentucky Wildcats will probably make the NCAA Tournament. Normally UK achieves that designation by late November or so. Kentucky missed the Big Dance in 2009, but it'd been 1991 since the Cats last weren't invited to March Madness. They hold the NCAA record with 53… » 3/09/13 6:48pm 3/09/13 6:48pm

Hornets Coach Monty Williams Hates The Sound Of His Own Complaining…

Last Friday, Hornets rookie sensation Anthony Davis suffered a mild concussion after taking an elbow to the head from his teammate, Austin Rivers. As a precaution, Davis was not allowed to fly with his team to Chicago on Saturday. Hornets coach Monty Williams was not happy about that, and expressed his displeasure in… » 11/05/12 3:05pm 11/05/12 3:05pm

This Photo Of Team USA Sleeping On An Airplane Is The Best Thing Today

Kevin Love surreptitiously snapped this and posted it to Instagram, as Team USA flew from Barcelona to London last night. From right to left, front to back, that's LeBron James, Chris Paul, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Deron Williams, Anthony Davis, and even Mike Kryzyzewski, back in business class. » 7/26/12 3:25pm 7/26/12 3:25pm

"A Neat Kid": Your Passive-Aggressive 2012 NBA Draft Scouting Roundup

The NBA draft is getting underway now, which means that it is time for our annual roundup of faint praise, backhanded compliments, and snickering passive-aggression directed at the gifted players about to become honest professionals. Players are listed in the order of Chad Ford's latest mock draft. » 6/28/12 7:28pm 6/28/12 7:28pm

The Official Bobcats Draft Lottery Party Was A Sad, Sad Time

The Bobcats opened up Time Warner Cable Arena for fans to come and watch last night's draft lottery. A lovely gesture, one much appreciated by the 40 or so people who showed up. As we know by now, the Bobcats slipped to No. 2. There was shock, anger, sadness, apathy, shuffling off into the Charlotte night. The cycle… » 5/31/12 10:10am 5/31/12 10:10am

The New Orleans Hornets Will Pick First In The 2012 NBA Draft

The New Orleans Hornets, currently owned by the NBA and soon to be owned by Saints owner Tom Benson, will select first in the 2012 NBA Draft (most likely choosing Kentucky forward Anthony Davis). The Charlotte Bobcats, which had the worst winning percenatge in NBA history this past season, will pick second, and the… » 5/30/12 8:30pm 5/30/12 8:30pm

No Matter Who Wins, The NBA Draft Lottery Is Fixed

If Charlotte wins the first overall pick in tonight's draft lottery, it'll be because the association wants Michael Jordan to succeed and the Bobcats to draw in a market the NBA desperately wants to stay in. If Washington wins the lottery, it'll be because Ted Leonsis's son is the team's rep, and the NBA loves having… » 5/30/12 4:40pm 5/30/12 4:40pm

Kentucky Declares For NBA Draft

UK's entire starting five—freshmen Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, and Marquis Teague, and sophomores Doron Lamb and Terrence Jones—announced they'll be leaving Lexington after a national championship. They'll be joined by senior Darius Miller, so John Calipari—as proud as he is of his one-and-dones—will have… » 4/18/12 10:05am 4/18/12 10:05am

Kentucky Fan Creates Living Monument To Wildcats' Anthony Davis

The mystery of life: Using only a razor, this man has created an homage to that which Davis could destroy with the very same razor.
Update 10:39 p.m.: I've decided that my favorite part is the drawn-in unibrow on his finger. Like, "OK, I will draw on—and around—my nipples and shave my chest hair into a weird pattern… » 3/17/12 7:30pm 3/17/12 7:30pm