Anthony Mason Was From The Future

We'll mostly remember Anthony Mason for toughness, the way that we remember the Riley-era Knicks teams on which he made his reputation. Which, fine. He got in fights, on- and off-court; he deployed his elbows and extra-large ass with abandon and occasional malice; he glowered and wheedled and provoked, the way NBA… » 3/02/15 12:01pm 3/02/15 12:01pm

Anthony Mason, who suffered a heart attack two weeks ago, died earlier this morning. Mason began his career in foreign countries and the US minor leagues, but rose to become a key member of the successful Pat Riley-led Knicks teams of the early 1990s. He was 48. [New York Daily News] » 2/28/15 11:08am 2/28/15 11:08am

Anthony Mason Is In Bad Shape

Former NBA player Anthony Mason, best known for his defense and physical play on those bruising mid-'90s Knicks teams, is reportedly in critical condition after suffering a heart attack, according to multiple media reports. » 2/12/15 8:58am 2/12/15 8:58am

The Charlotte NBA Team Might Rather Be The Hornets Again

During its short 25 years in the NBA, the Hornets moniker has proven to be the league's Johnny Cash — it's been everywhere, man. Born in Charlotte, transplanted to New Orleans in 2001, bivouacked in Oklahoma City for two post-Katrina seasons, back to New Orleans for the past six seasons, then banished to the Island of… » 5/18/13 1:10pm 5/18/13 1:10pm

Charles Oakley And Anthony Mason Had Some Profane Opinions On Those…

Flash back to the '95-96 season, when the Toronto Raptors entered the NBA wearing their cartoon dinosaur jersey. (It's incredible that this was only 16 years ago, and someone thought these were okay. I mean, they were mocked at the time, but not enough. Not enough.) A former Raps employee recalls a ceremony held… » 2/01/12 4:35pm 2/01/12 4:35pm

Anthony Mason Is Now Wisconsin's Second-Worst Tax Offender, And Latrell…

Over the summer, we learned that former NBA player Latrell Sprewell was officially Wisconsin's worst tax scofflaw, thanks to the state's public list of the top 100 delinquent taxpayers. Back then, Sprewell owed more than $3.5 million—but as of this week, he's no longer on the list. Anthony Mason, who last played with… » 1/12/12 11:30am 1/12/12 11:30am