ESPN Writer Has The Protocols Of Zion On His Bookshelf

Late last week, ESPN's MMA writer Franklin McNeil appeared on an video previewing the big UFC pay-per-view fight between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans. In the video, McNeil talked about the bout while sitting in front of his bookshelf at his home. Clever D.I.Y. stagecraft! (Just a few weeks ago, an ESPN anchor … »4/24/12 2:45pm4/24/12 2:45pm

Phil Morris Now Knows It's Wrong To Bring Up Concentration Camps At Jewish League Soccer Matches

"A Manchester FA official has been suspended after being found guilty of making a vile comment about the Holocaust before a Jewish league match. Phil Morris – a referee appointments secretary – was disciplined by an FA panel after telling a ref who was due to oversee the Jewish league game: 'Tell them to remember the… »2/14/12 11:15pm2/14/12 11:15pm