Antonio Cromartie Actually Gave A Good Reason The Jets Shouldn't Trade For Tim Tebow

After a Jets beat writer tweeted, "I've been told that the Jets have legitimate interest in acquiring Tim Tebow," Antonio Cromartie responded quickly. This should have worried Jets brass. If you've ever watched Cro play football (or copulate), you know his instincts are bad. He overreacts sometimes, hoping his speed… »3/21/12 10:45am3/21/12 10:45am

The Meaning Of "Fuck Tom Brady," And The Genius Of Rex Ryan's Trash-Talking

Athletes talking shit to each other is hardly a new story. Every kid who ever played sports in high school knows that shit-talking is a time-honored tradition in competitive athletics. The winners shit-talk the losers; the losers shit-talk the winners; the fans shit-talk the players, shit-talk the other team's fans,… »1/18/11 5:05pm1/18/11 5:05pm