Plaxico Burress Indicted, Antonio Pierce Isn't

File this under things we would have posted yesterday, if we could have. There's a very high probability that Plaxico Burress is going to jail for accidentally shooting himself in the leg. [NYTimes] » 8/04/09 9:30am 8/04/09 9:30am

Andrea Peyser Shocked By Arrogant Athlete Tweets

Hah, just like how Moe and I are editing Deadspin today, the New York Post today let outrage queen columnist and sex goddess Andrea Peyser write a sports column! Sort of. » 8/01/09 6:21pm 8/01/09 6:21pm

Antonio Pierce Has Got Those Hands That Feel

The Deadspin Morning Video Wake Up Call needs your help. If you have any suggested videos to fill this space, email us. Subject: Morning Video Wake Up Call. » 12/15/08 10:45am 12/15/08 10:45am

America's Most Distracted Team Still Wins NFC East

Somehow this loss is all Antonio Pierce's fault. But even though the Giants were pushed around by the revitalized Iggles, they were still NFC East champions at the end of the day. The best highlight from yesterday's 20-14 loss from a Giants perspective was Tom Coughlin's joyous sprint down the sidelines after Kevin… » 12/08/08 12:45pm 12/08/08 12:45pm

In The Club With Antonio Pierce

This video is from the 2007 season, but at this point anything that sheds light on Antonio Pierce's club hopping habits may be useful to the NYPD. That also includes his SUV, which was towed today and impounded as part of their investigation into the Plaxico Burress unpleasantness. » 12/03/08 3:15pm 12/03/08 3:15pm

Breaking!: Plaxico Burress May Have A Sore Leg

An urgent SportsCenter update has just informed the world that Plaxico Burress showed up to work today, less than 24 hours after facing the horrors of central booking at the One Seven. The notorious skel (hey, I've seen NYPD Blue) reported to the Giants training facility this morning, per team rules, to receive… » 12/02/08 12:00pm 12/02/08 12:00pm