America's Most Distracted Team Still Wins NFC East

Somehow this loss is all Antonio Pierce's fault. But even though the Giants were pushed around by the revitalized Iggles, they were still NFC East champions at the end of the day. The best highlight from yesterday's 20-14 loss from a Giants perspective was Tom Coughlin's joyous sprint down the sidelines after Kevin… » 12/08/08 12:45pm 12/08/08 12:45pm

Breaking!: Plaxico Burress May Have A Sore Leg

An urgent SportsCenter update has just informed the world that Plaxico Burress showed up to work today, less than 24 hours after facing the horrors of central booking at the One Seven. The notorious skel (hey, I've seen NYPD Blue) reported to the Giants training facility this morning, per team rules, to receive… » 12/02/08 12:00pm 12/02/08 12:00pm