Bubba Watson Tried To Lawyerball Some Ants

On 5 yesterday, Bubba Watson’s ball came to rest against an anthill. That led to a genial discussion with a rules official over whether Watson was allowed to take a drop. The official classified the anthill as a “loose impediment”; Watson countered that ants, technically, are “burrowing animals.” Both have very… » 8/17/15 8:20am 8/17/15 8:20am

Middle School Football Player Dies After Being Bitten By Ants

Last Wednesday, 13-year-old Cameron Espinosa huddled up with his teammates at halftime. Suddenly, said a school district official, he began screaming "Ants! Ants!" His coach told him to wash off the bites with a water bottle, and Espinosa eventually collapsed and was taken to the hospital. On Monday, he died.

As… » 9/18/13 2:36pm 9/18/13 2:36pm