Judge Finds That NFL Arbitration Has "Potential For Very Real Bias"

A Missouri Court of Appeals judge has declared the NFL's arbitration policy "unconscionable and unenforceable," writing that "the Arbitration Provision does not afford a mechanism to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the arbitration proceeding." It's important reading for any football player who's ever wondered… »10/28/13 4:22pm10/28/13 4:22pm

How The Doping Case Against Ryan Braun Fell Apart: One Theory

The conventional wisdom on Ryan Braun's overturned doping suspension is that it was a triumph of cautious proceduralism over substantive justice—a victory for protocol and a rare (and for my money not entirely unwelcome) defeat for the drug cops. Baseball's testing program caught a juicer, the thinking goes, but the… »2/27/12 1:35pm2/27/12 1:35pm