Why Your World Cup Stadium Sucks: Arena Corinthians, São Paulo

Do you like tales of political corruption mixed with a healthy serving of corrupt sports institutions? Look no further than Arena Corinthians, nicknamed Itaquerão. » 7/13/14 1:11pm 7/13/14 1:11pm

Report: Operator Of Crane That Killed 3 In Brazil Worked 18 Straight…

A month ago, it was reported that a crane collapsed at a Sao Paulo stadium where workers were doing construction ahead of next year's Brazil World Cup. The collapse left three people dead, and little answers as to the cause of the tragic accident. According to a new report, however, the tragedy may have been caused… » 12/23/13 5:41pm 12/23/13 5:41pm

Crane Collapse At Brazil World Cup Stadium Kills 3

A construction accident at a Sao Paolo stadium scheduled to host the opening ceremony of next summer's World Cup killed three workers, according to an official statement, and that number could rise. » 11/27/13 11:23am 11/27/13 11:23am