New Owner Of Chicago Arena Football Team Is A Bankrupt Convicted Felon

David Staral Jr. bought the Arena Football League's Chicago Rush in February. He replaced an owner whose tenure had lasted three months before the league "terminated its relationship" with her because of financial issues. But, look: Staral has three convicted felonies to go with even bigger financial issues. » 5/07/13 6:11pm 5/07/13 6:11pm

Pittsburgh Arena Football Team Released Its Entire Roster During…

Arena Football League players presumably aren't in it for the money, since, at roughly $400 per game, most of them don't make all that much money to begin with. Those who would like to the league improve player salaries don't have much leverage, either, since it's pretty easy for a league composed mostly of guys off… » 3/12/12 1:55pm 3/12/12 1:55pm

Last Night's Arena Football Season-Opener Was A Farce

Arena Football's 25th season kicked off last night, but it would be a stretch to call what was played in Orlando "football." A players' strike hours before kickoff meant both teams mostly used replacement players selected in a draft before the game, leaving NFL Network announcers without rosters and some players … » 3/10/12 12:14pm 3/10/12 12:14pm

Behold The Money Saving Power of The Patch

However you feel about the Arena Football League being shoved down our throat in that oh-so conflict of interest-y way by ESPN, its most popular team has a pretty cool promotion going on. All citizens living in Morrisville, the hometown of Philadelphia Soul receiver Chris Jackson, are offered free tickets to the… » 6/28/08 6:15pm 6/28/08 6:15pm

Bernie Kosar Will Lead Cleveland To A Championship, Just You Wait

Good news, everybody! The Arena Football League (motto: It's Like Football In Your Garage, Only Without The Danger Of Sharp Tools) is coming to Cleveland! And Bernie Kosar will be the team president and CEO. The team will retain the name Gladiators until they come up with a better one. Any ideas? » 10/18/07 3:40pm 10/18/07 3:40pm