Glendale To Vote On Canceling Coyotes' Arena Deal

Last week, before Game 1 of the NHL Final, commissioner Gary Bettman declared of the Arizona Coyotes that “the club is not going anywhere.” Tonight, during a special session that should begin right around the first intermission of Game 4, the Glendale City Council will vote on whether to kill its controversial lease… »6/10/15 1:34pm6/10/15 1:34pm

In "A Whole New Low," Buffalo Fans Cheer Sabres' Loss

Above is video of Sam Gagner's overtime goal to put the Coyotes over the Sabres. The game was in Buffalo, yet the crowd cheered the Arizona winner. Cheered loudly, and spontaneously, to the point where if you're not a hockey fan, you might wonder if Coyotes fans travel particularly well. (They do not. And if Yotes… »3/27/15 9:15am3/27/15 9:15am

The Coyotes Were Damned Close To Moving To Seattle

In July 2013, the Glendale City Council voted—barely, by a 4-3 margin—to approve a complicated lease deal that was the last possible hope of keeping the Coyotes in Arizona. A new report from the Seattle Times reveals that the NHL had a contingency plan in place if the vote went the other way: moving trucks were… »10/08/14 10:51am10/08/14 10:51am

The Phoenix Coyotes Will Become The Arizona Coyotes

The Phoenix Coyotes (who play in Glendale, which is not actually Phoenix [but is part of the Phoenix metro area, so it's no more inaccurate to call the team "Phoenix" than it is to call a team in Auburn Hills "Detroit," or a team in Santa Clara "San Francisco" {though it's probably still pretty offensive to the actual… »1/29/14 1:52pm1/29/14 1:52pm